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"Actually what Hull really needs in terms of being more successful in the coming decades, is to see the shift into more knowledge-based type activities, these higher-paid, high-skilled jobs, because that's what it lacks at the moment and that's why we see it having very low wages, very high unemployment and generally struggling." He said the cheaper labour force would "probably do very little" to steer Hull on an upward trend. "You can't see this as being the answer to the longer structural problems that the city faces in terms of the challenges in its economy," he added. Type and number of jobs in Hull since 1841. Source: Centre for Cities Year 11,600 124,400 Siemens UK chief executive Jurgen Maier, who strikes a more upbeat tone, said the company had helped to improve the skills of the local workforce. "We've put a massive effort into conversational tone training people, many going to our operation in Denmark to train," he said. "We were pleased to be able to find many people with good engineering skills. Of the first 700 we've recruited, 90% of those are local. "As we go forward, we're working in partnership with the city to create a local technical college where we will be able to train the future workforce for this activity and, with that, new apprentices." Media captionHow are wind turbine blades made? Image caption UK City of Culture is giving Hull a "positive perception to the outside world", says Lord Haskins Hull's isolation has seen it miss out on the Northern Powerhouse's HS2 and rail electrification plans.