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The unique molding process allows deep channels between pad sections, that we call zero-flood, which means a more flexible pad. G-Form brought us out to the ski resorts of Utah to try on its armored base layers first hand. With 10 resorts with a 1-hour drive from Salt Lake City airport, we were sure to get a sample of all conditions from hard pack to powder. The benefits of armor are obvious on hard pack and ice the surface is solid with little give, and falling hurts. The Pro-X compression shirt ($130) ( womens ) has pads at the ribs, sternum, shoulders and clavicle; the Pro-G board and ski shorts ($110) protect the hips, thighs, tailbone and sit-bones (the $100 womens-specific shorts do not include sit-bone armor); and the Pro-X knee ($70) and elbow ($70) options are essentially sleeves that cover the joint. There are also pads that either separately cover the shins or integrate shin armor in with the knee armor that come from the biking line. More: Suit up like a NASA astronaut with a ski jacket insulated by aerogel Armor coverage on the knee and elbow sleeves are excellent, but some might wish for more armor on the shirts and shorts. Snowboarders in particular may want a larger armor patch in the seat not just for protection, but for comfort while sitting in the snow. How well do they work? Theres little question about the effectiveness of the non-Newtonian armor material. Theres been plenty of demonstrations at how well it absorbs and dissipates shock across various applications; G-Form has its video showing how effective its product is at protecting the delicious candy shells on M&Ms. As for an on-mountain test, a completely miscalculated path originally intended to go between two trees ended up being a demonstration in human Pachinko.

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"I would often wake up with headaches because I wasn't having enough sleep," she says. "No matter how much you try to be organised at work and keep on top of everything, there was just more and more and more and there just wasn't enough of us to cope with what was coming in. "I just ended up thinking I can't do this anymore. It made me feel a bit of a failure to be honest, that I couldn't stick at it. It made me sad." 'Insurmountable' workload Image caption Simon Davison says he quit the police rather than move to another team for a promotion Simon Davison, another former Met Police detective, says the workload in some CID units in the capital had become "insurmountable" before he left. Last month, he resigned as a detective in the Met's "flying squad" - a unit that investigates serious organised crime. He says he would have had to move away from his specialist unit in order to win a promotion. However, he took the decision to quit the force altogether rather than transfer to one of London's 32 borough constabularies, where he says numbers have been "decimated". 'Mystique of CID' "They've often got one detective sergeant and a trainee detective and that's it for the borough," he says. "It only takes a couple of serious incidents and they are completely stretched.

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