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But Stacey Litner, the advocacy director for the D.C. Prisoners’ Rights Project, says several of the men she has met over three years of visits to the Pennsylvania prison have been there for several years. “During the course of my visits, I’ve seen people deteriorate fairly significantly in terms of their mental health,” says Litner, as she explains the claims in the lawsuit. People who arrived at Lewisburg with medications they got at other prisons were taken off, she says, “with little or no explanation. They can’t get go access to the therapy they are desperately seeking. When they tell staff they are suicidal, there is no recourse.” The NPR/Marshall Project investigation reported that men whose conditions were made worse by the isolation of solitary confinement often attacked their cellmates, and in some cases, there were serious injuries or killings. In October 2015, Gerardo Arche was killed in his cell, strangled with a bedsheet, court documents show. Arche had a long history of serious mental illness, according to his prison medical records, but when he arrived at Lewisburg he was taken off his antipsychotic medications and given no therapy, he told his family. His daughter and sister say that in his calls and letters, he sounded increasingly depressed or detached from reality. The family pleaded with prison officials to give him medication and treatment.

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"This bill that's currently in front of the United States Senate is not the answer," Heller, a moderate who is up for re-election in 2018, said at a news conference in Las Vegas. That could add Heller's name to Trump's call list. A White House official said the Trump has pushed his team to stay involved and plans to flex his negotiating muscle, the official said. An outside political group aligned with the White House, America First Policies, said it is planning an advertising campaign targeting Heller for his opposition to the bill. Healthcare stocks closed down 0.1 percent on Friday, clawing back some losses after the sector dropped sharply late in the session on Heller's announcement. The Senate's 142-page proposal, worked out in secret by a group led by McConnell, aims to deliver on a central Trump campaign promise to undo former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, which has provided coverage to 20 million Americans since it was passed in 2010. Republicans view the law, formally known as the Affordable Care Act, as a costly government intrusion and say individual insurance markets created by it are collapsing. On Thursday, four of the Senate's most conservative members said the new plan failed to rein in the federal government's role. Rand Paul, who has rejected the plan along with fellow Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Ron Johnson, said fundamental problems remained that would leave taxpayers subsidizing health insurance companies. Trump, in an interview with Fox News that aired on Friday morning, called the group of conservative lawmakers "four very good people." "It's not that they're opposed," he said. "They'd like to get certain changes.

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