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Beginning in mid-September, Macys is offering a vibrant assortment of Trolls-themed product that includes flashy clothing, hair-raising accessories, whimsical housewares, and cheerful tech items. Pajama sets are adorned with hearts, rainbows, and flourishes certain to produce sweet dreams. T-shirts, sweaters and jackets are emblazoned with witty sayings and puns, in addition to fanciful imagery and playful color combinations. The iconic Troll hair finds itself on accessories galore, with bags, shoes, rings, hats, and even pens embellished with the brightly-hued manes. Macys has also tapped legendary fashion designer Betsey Johnson, an originator of the bold, over-the-top, exuberant fashion aesthetic, to create Betsey Johnson xox Trolls. The larger-than-life collection offers head-to-toe Trolls glamour with flamboyant jewelry, sleepwear, handbags and fabulous accoutrements, including mugs, pins, notebooks, and even umbrellas! The range of apparel and accessories is blissfully cheeky, boasting brilliant colors, dazzling sparkle and fun silhouettes, all rendered beautifully for a collection that will leave fashion lovers smiling with glee. In late September, the whimsy of DreamWorks Trolls will be showcased at select stores nationwide with playful window and in-store displays, including a massive visual presentation at Macys flagship store at Herald Square in New York City. The iconic Macys bag-shaped sign on the 34th Street corner of the world-famous department store will feature a hair-raising takeover by the rambunctious Trolls characters, who will be seen peeking out from inside the bag, as well as adorning the exterior. This marks the first time that the signature store sign has been used to promote a partnership of this kind.

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